LED strip lights have revolutionized the way we illuminate our homes, offering a cost-effective and versatile lighting solution. These tiny LED bulbs can be attached to almost anything, from tape to metal stripes or plastic casing, allowing you to create stunning lighting effects. In this article, we’ll explore 34 genius hacks to transform your space using LED strip lights. Get ready to discover innovative ways to use LED strip lights that you’ve never thought of before!

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Outline Focal Points
One creative way to use LED strip lights is to highlight focal points in your home. For example, you can use LED strip lights to create a glowing edge of color around a dropped ceiling, intensifying the glamour of a contemporary crystal chandelier. The additional light reflected by the glass droplets adds a touch of elegance to any modern kitchen.
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Stick Behind Seating
If you’re lucky enough to own a sauna at home, LED strip lights can add ambiance without compromising the serene atmosphere. Sauna-safe LED strip lights are designed to withstand harsh conditions and can be used to highlight seating and hotspots, creating a tranquil and inviting space.

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Declutter the Home Office
Incorporating LED strip lights into your home office can add a practical and stylish touch. Mount them under cupboards or shelving to create energy-saving task lighting, freeing up valuable desk space. You can also use LED strip lights around a notice board to highlight your schedule for the day.

Spice Up the Bedroom
LED strip lights can make DIY projects in the bedroom look striking and unique. Consider using LED strip lights behind a headboard made from tabletops to create a hidden, backlit effect. This technique adds a vibrant touch to the room and can be customized to match any color scheme.

Illuminate the Garden Shed
Make your garden shed stand out with LED strip lights. By integrating horizontal strip lights between the joints of the shed’s walls, you can create a clean and modern look while providing much-needed garden lighting. This is particularly useful if you use your shed as a workspace or storage area.

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Accentuate the Stairs
Give your staircase a sleek and modern look by adding LED strip lights along the length of the treads. You can choose a single color or opt for color-changing LED strip lights to create a statement in your hallway. This is a great way to have fun with lighting and make a memorable impression on guests.

Enhance a Kitchen Recess
Bring style and functionality to your kitchen by installing LED strip lights in recessed areas. When combined with other kitchen lighting solutions, LED strip lights serve as practical task lights for cooking and cleaning, while also creating a charming atmosphere.
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Make Outdoor Steps Visible
Welcome your guests with inviting LED strips set under the stone treads of your front doorsteps. The structured and luminous glow will light their way and instantly enhance the curb appeal of your home. LED strip lights can also be wrapped around tree trunks or used to highlight other garden features for a delightful effect.

Try Philips Hue Light Strips for Color
Philips Hue light strips offer a new level of customization and can transform the mood of any living space. These versatile strips allow you to create a personalized lighting experience, whether you want to wind down for bed with soothing orange or perk up in the morning with a flash of blue. With Philips Hue, there are no limits to your creativity!

Brighten Dark Corners
Use LED strip lights to brighten up dark corners of your home. These lights can be easily cut to size or connected to fit perfectly under pieces of furniture, providing accent lighting that looks custom-made. Many LED strip lights also come with convenient remote controls, eliminating the need to bend down to switch them on.

Light Up Dark Drawers
Make searching through dark closets, cupboards, and drawers a breeze by applying LED strip lighting to the inside. Motion-activated designs are particularly useful in these spaces, ensuring that the light is only turned on when needed. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark!
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Illuminate Alcoves
Create a captivating atmosphere in your living room by using LED strip lights to highlight alcoves. This adds a unique touch to your decor and brings architectural features to life. You can also experiment with this trick on key pieces of furniture, such as a sofa or sideboard.

See Clearly with a Vanity Mirror
Recreate the glamorous Hollywood-style light bulb mirrors with an LED vanity mirror kit. Simply attach the LED strip lights to the mirror frame using double-sided tape, and enjoy the effect of daylight whenever you need to get ready. Say goodbye to dull lighting and always look your best!

Make Bunk Beds Fun
Children and teenagers will love the addition of LED strip lights to their bunk beds. Secure a band of colorful LED strip lighting under a high-rise bed, and pair it with other lighting solutions like a twinkling disco ball for an original and fun-filled vibe that their friends will envy.

Intensify Artwork
Make artwork even more striking by adding LED strips to the back as backlighting. The safe and gentle illumination provided by LED bulbs enhances the visual impact of the artwork without causing any harm. You can also create DIY Plexiglass light-up photo frames to showcase treasured memories.

Shine on a Desk Area
Zone off a section of your open-plan living room by attaching LED strip lights to the underside of shelving. This technique highlights a home office area beautifully, providing functional task lighting without interfering with the rest of the room. Get work done in style!

Cast Light from the Bath
Transform your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary by adding LED strip lights. Whether it’s underlighting a bathroom mirror or cabinet or framing the edges of the shower screen or tray, LED strip lights can create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. Indulge in a warm and inviting glow as you soak in the tub.

Light Up the Flower Beds
Make your flower beds stand out by framing lawn edges with waterproof LED strips or rope lighting. You can also use extra spotlights within the foliage for a show-garden look. Whether wrapped around tree trunks or highlighting the curves of your flowerbeds, LED lights add a magical touch to your outdoor space.

Deck Out the Decking
Create a warm and inviting ambiance on your garden decking by illuminating it with LED strip lights. Look for waterproof plug-and-play designs that are easy to install and allow you to change colors according to the mood you want to create. Transform your patio into a cozy retreat or a vibrant party space with a simple switch.

Upgrade Your Tech
Make a stylish statement with your tech devices by adding LED strip lights. Attach LED strips to the back of screens, such as your television or computer monitor, to create a cool and futuristic look. Not only does it add a touch of sophistication, but it can also help alleviate eye strain by offsetting screen brightness.

Enliven the Ceiling
Create a subtle and unique lighting twist in any room by installing LED ceiling lights. LED strip lighting housed in decorative cornices, picture rails, or ceiling coving offers a streamlined downlight effect. Choose colors that match your room’s style and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Add Ambience in the Kitchen
Take your kitchen to the next level by attaching LED strip lights under cabinets. This practical position provides an extra layer of illumination, especially in small or dark kitchens. LED strip lights can highlight feature splashbacks and be installed at a fraction of the price of standard fitted versions.

Highlight Kitchen Design
Elevate your kitchen’s design by using LED strip lights in unexpected places. In addition to attaching them to kitchen cabinets and plinths, consider adding LED bulb strips into the curve of J-pull drawers and cupboards. This striking combination, especially when paired with gloss surfaces, creates a sleek and contemporary shine.

Bring About a Banister Glow
Create a floating effect and impress your guests by installing an LED strip light to the underside of your stair banister. The lights can be integrated into the wall for a seamless look. For added convenience, consider attaching a motion sensor so that the lights automatically turn on or off as someone enters or leaves the house.

Switch On a Reading Light
Provide a soft and ambient reading light with LED strip lights attached to a bed’s headboard. This offers a gentle highlight to the area and creates a feature out of the headboard itself. Your partner will appreciate the soothing light while they go to sleep, and it adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom.

Energize a Plain Scheme
Add character to rooms that lack ambiance by using LED strip lights. Attach a colorful strip to the bottom of a modular bookcase to create modern mood lighting in a small living room. The best part is that it can be easily removed without leaving a trace, making it ideal for rental properties or temporary decor changes.

Impress with a Rosy Glow
Take advantage of LED strip lighting to achieve stunning results in small spaces. For example, attaching LED strip lights to the shelving recess in a pink-tiled powder room enhances the blush tones and creates a soothing and atmospheric ambiance. Close the door, and you’ll be transported to a colorful and relaxing oasis.

Showcase Display Cabinets
Transform your everyday cabinets into beautifully lit displays by adding LED strip lights to the top or bottom. With glazed doors, you can keep your favorite pieces fully protected and dust-free while showcasing them in a soft and inviting glow.

Highlight Kitchen Features
Create a stylish ambiance in your kitchen by using LED strip lights as downlighting on kitchen kickboards and plinths. When the main light goes off, these strip lights provide a chic tone to the room. If you’ve recently laid a trendy statement floor, LED strip lights are a must-have addition to show off your new look.

Make Wardrobes Glamorous
Add a touch of sparkle to your fitted wardrobes by framing them with LED lighting. The warm glow creates an inviting and elegant space, making your morning routine a little more glamorous.

Let the Shower Shine
Elevate your bathroom by adding LED strip lights to your shower cubicle. By framing the edges of the shower screen or shower tray, you can achieve a hotel-style finish. Choose waterproof LED strip lighting for safety and experiment with different colors to create a futuristic or relaxing look.

Electrify with Funky Features
Get creative with LED lighting and create unique and playful features. For example, you can fashion a cactus light by fastening a neon LED rope light to a black metal grid. Add faux leaves for a tropical vibe and enjoy the visual impact of this funky wall art.

Floodlight a Wine Cellar
Give your wine cellar the attention it deserves by adding LED light strips inside the door frame. This simple addition transforms a dark and nondescript space into a stunning showcase. The LED light strips highlight the beautiful collection of wines, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere.

Light Up Shelving
Add a touch of elegance to your shelves by incorporating LED strip lights above or beneath them. This simple hack allows you to highlight family photos, accessories, and books with an ambient glow. LED strip lights operate on low wattage, making them perfect as soothing nightlights for children’s bedrooms.

With these genius hacks, you can transform your living space using LED strip lights. From highlighting focal points to creating a warm and inviting ambiance, the possibilities are endless. So, get creative and enjoy the stunning effects of LED strip lights in your home.


  1. What are LED strip lights, and how can they transform my space?

LED strip lights are flexible, energy-efficient lighting solutions that can be used for a wide range of creative and functional purposes to enhance your space.

  1. Can I use LED strip lights in any room or area of my home?

Yes, LED strip lights are versatile and can be used in various spaces, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor areas.

  1. What are some popular ways to use LED strip lights to transform a room?

Popular applications include under-cabinet lighting, accent lighting, TV backlighting, and creating custom lighting designs on walls, ceilings, and furniture.

  1. Are there color options available for LED strip lights, and can I change the colors as needed?

Yes, LED strip lights come in various colors, including single-color and multi-color options. Some models allow you to change colors and even create dynamic color effects.

  1. Can I control the brightness of LED strip lights to match different moods or lighting needs?

Many LED strip lights come with dimmable options, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your preferences.

  1. Do LED strip lights require any special installation skills, or is it a DIY project?

LED strip lights are generally easy to install and are suitable for DIY projects. Basic electrical skills may be helpful, but many kits come with simple plug-and-play options.

  1. How do I power LED strip lights, and can I connect them to standard electrical outlets?

LED strip lights can be powered through standard electrical outlets or using battery packs, depending on the model. Most kits include the necessary power supply.

  1. Are there specific safety considerations when using LED strip lights?

Safety considerations include ensuring that the installation is done correctly to prevent electrical hazards and avoiding exposure to water or extreme heat, depending on the installation location.

  1. Can I cut and customize the length of LED strip lights to fit my space?

Yes, many LED strip lights are cuttable, allowing you to customize the length to fit your space accurately.

  1. Are there any energy-saving benefits to using LED strip lights in my space?

LED strip lights are energy-efficient and can help reduce energy consumption compared to traditional lighting, contributing to energy savings over time.