While the goal of the Madden NFL 23 owners is to lure players by offering smaller amounts of everything prior the regular seasonbegins, I am of the opinion that this should not be one of the main reasons Madden NFL 23 players decide on 17 games.

More money and better health benefits are the things that players must be fighting for

Players see themselves as equals in this deal and moving to 17 games raises the risk of injury and the possibility of a shorter career. They are looking for more than the owners are offering48.5 percent of the revenue split 48.5 per cent of revenuethe amount needed to bring it about. I think an increase to 49 percent could get the owners to sign a deal for 17 games and 50 percent would surely make a deal.

The only question mark is what else is included in the proposed 17-game schedule? Will the rises in retirement benefits as well as minimum salaries connected to the 17-game plan? Will those disappear if the players don't agree to 17 games? If so, does getting better pay for younger players and more benefits to retired players be worth losing as much as 49 or 50 percentage of revenues?

A few players would say it is. Being able to take care of the whole group is the aim of the union. And the possibility of sacrificing a cent or two gives the main players more money to spend, they'd definitely be for it.

It's also important to note that most players want their Week 17 pay to equal that of the rest of the season. For now, the salary would be limited to $250.000 per game for that extra game. Coins are the main currency of Madden NFL 23 Ultimate Team (MUT 23), it can be used to buy practically everything in the game. You will need a good stock of Madden 23 coins to buy good players, improve your ultimate team, and stay invincible during the competitive season.If you need Madden NFL 23 coins , Buy it at mmoexp.com