Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, the latest addition to Ubisoft's iconic franchise, presents a fresh perspective in its storytelling, covering various captivating storylines since the debut of the original game in 1989.

Following the narrative of Sargon's quest to save Prince Ghassan, the unfolding drama occurs on Mount Qaf, where time and space defy convention, creating a non-linear reality. Sargon grapples with facing versions of himself as he navigates this distorted realm. Assisted by the Immortals, a formidable group of warriors, Sargon undertakes the intricate mission of rescuing the Prince and dispelling the curse afflicting Mount Qaf.

Embracing the Metroidvania subgenre, Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown draws inspiration from classic 2D Metroid and early Castlevania games. In comparison to modern Metroidvania exemplar Hollow Knight, The Lost Crown opts for a surprisingly straightforward approach. While it lacks the extensive exploration and depth of a title like Hollow Knight, this simplicity enhances its accessibility for newcomers without imposing limitations. The distinguishing factor lies in Prince of Persia's more linear exploration, guiding players along a prescribed path while allowing the freedom to deviate at their discretion. Despite its narrative shortcomings, the game's compelling combat serves as a redeeming quality, offering an engaging experience within its distinct approach to exploration.