The Barbarian, a formidable melee combatant in Baldur’s Gate 3, attains enhanced versatility through multiclassing, transcending the confines of pure damage dealing. However, caution is advised to avoid delaying or overlooking their crucial features.

This Barbarian multiclass build is adaptable to any character, with Karlach being the preferred option, starting as a Barbarian. Alternatively, the main character can embrace a dual Barbarian role or consult Withers to change classes in BG3. Dungeons and Dragons incorporate the critical concept of "Action Economy," limiting actions to one main action, one movement, and a bonus action. While Barbarian adheres to these rules, the addition of Fighter and Rogue classes can expand the action economy budget. Fighters offer a full set of actions once per long rest, while Rogues excel in bonus actions—making them ideal for solo builds in Baldur's Gate 3. Initiating character creation as a Barbarian remains fundamental, determining starting proficiencies in weapons, armor, and Saving Throws. Although commencing as a Rogue in Baldur’s Gate 3 could grant Intelligence and Dexterity Saving Throws, it may compromise combat prowess.