In Mario Kart 8, earning stars is a fantastic way to unlock rewards and showcase your rank. However, the process can be time-consuming unless players employ a clever trick to acquire stars swiftly. Each class of every cup requires at least one star for players to attain a coveted golden reward.

To secure stars, victory is essential in the 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, 200cc, and Mirror mode races for each cup. It's crucial to note that winning a trophy doesn't guarantee a star, as stars are determined by a point system, while trophies depend on placement. Accumulating over 54 points in a cup is necessary to earn at least one star.

While many players might opt for the straightforward approach of starting with the 50cc Grand Prix Cup, winning, and progressing incrementally, this method can consume unnecessary time. An efficient strategy involves understanding that once a higher-level Grand Prix Cup is achieved, the gold trophy automatically populates for all lower levels.

For example, if a player completes a cup at 150cc, earning three gold stars, the 50cc and 100cc levels will automatically display three Gold Stars and a Gold Trophy. This means players can focus on earning three stars in every 150cc Grand Prix Cup without participating in the 50cc or 100cc races while still receiving credit. To navigate the challenges of 150cc, ensure your setup in Mario Kart 8 prioritizes speed for a competitive edge.