In the immersive world of Cyberpunk 2077, Night City's inhabitants utilize a distinctive slang, with "choom" being a frequently heard term of endearment, especially directed at the protagonist, V. While the game showcases CD Projekt Red's expertise in crafting intricate open-world narratives, it's essential to recognize that Night City's slang, including "choom," predates the game itself.

CD Projekt Red's commitment to rich storytelling extends to Cyberpunk 2077, drawing inspiration from the wider Cyberpunk franchise. This universe, including Night City, has its origins in the Cyberpunk tabletop game introduced in 1988. The tabletop RPG, set in a dystopian future dominated by corporations, satirically explores cyberpunk science fiction tropes. Cyberpunk 2020, the second edition of the tabletop RPG, played a pivotal role in shaping the lore of Night City and its distinctive vernacular.

In Cyberpunk 2020, the term "choomba/choombatta" is described as "Neo-Afro-American slang for a friend or a family member." Originating as part of African-American culture, the slang has been appropriated by the diverse residents of Night City, transcending racial boundaries. In the context of the game, "choom" serves as an abbreviation akin to the real-world term "bro," reflecting camaraderie and familiarity among its denizens.

While Night City isn't officially part of Cyberpunk's New United States, it stands as a central backdrop, satirizing various facets of modern American culture and reflecting the ongoing evolution of language in a dystopian future.