The Ravenshorpe Armory, introduced in a May 2022 update, is a novel structure available for construction in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. This facility empowers Eivor to seamlessly switch between different loadouts, offering increased versatility in managing various in-game scenarios. The Armory's potential is expanded through upgrades, allowing players to access up to five distinct outfits once the construction is complete.

To initiate the construction of the Armory, players must select a settlement at Level 3 or higher for expansion in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The initial creation of the Armory is a straightforward process, requiring an expenditure of 100 Foreign Supplies once the settlement meets the specified conditions. However, the subsequent upgrades entail a more substantial cost, reaching up to 1,200 supplies to unlock all features of the structure. In total, the Armory boasts three potential upgrades, demanding a cumulative investment of 2,500 Foreign Supplies to unlock all five available loadouts.

Foreign Supplies, a crucial resource for Armory upgrades, are primarily obtained through participation in River Raids. These raids involve plundering various areas in the countryside, yielding resources for the player. Initially, the cargo capacity determining raid yields is limited. A single raid provides 250 Supplies at the outset. Players can enhance their cargo capacity by investing 450 Supplies for the first upgrade and 750 Supplies for subsequent upgrades. With a fully upgraded cargo capacity, players can amass a maximum of 450 Foreign Supplies during a single River Raid.