Smite 2 has been officially unveiled, marking the dawn of a fresh era for the third-person MOBA genre. In a recent conversation with the developers of Smite 2, Iron Forge Games and Hi-Rez Studios, Screen Rant delved into the details, providing insights into what players can anticipate from this unexpected sequel. Staying true to its predecessor's model, Smite 2 will adopt a free-to-play approach, with cosmetic items available for purchase through in-game microtransactions.

The original Smite, launched on March 25, 2014, quickly gained a substantial player base, fostering a dedicated community. Over the years, it has evolved into a highly competitive scene, culminating in the annual Smite World Championship. While Smite 2 aims to retain the essence of its predecessor, it is an entirely standalone title, promising significant changes. Powered by Unreal Engine 5.2+, Smite 2 boasts new textures, enhanced graphics, and more detailed environments, surpassing the capabilities of the original Smite, which relied on Unreal Engine 3. The transition to a new engine after almost a decade promises a substantial leap in performance.é-d19210008cbeé-b783e45b7887èces-et-gemmes-illimité-4d769bd2bf57é-2024-0669d60941d6é-2024-4733036676deé-8f5822373863étoiles-et-pièces-illimité-377d9b683d8dé-5ea25c16df0bénergie-illimité-2024-b88038089060énergie-illimité-2024-0f8c0067da96é-2024-8c25687da9eaé-c2d390143f0dé-e87b9141b127ées-e7b055bfabc2é-2024-43e04a9567e4èces-et-gemmes-illimité-2024-23066a333cceé-e4892a1dad86é-601dc94468acé-c652e00c8a66é-2024-806eac05bc69é-2024-c79ef7f2d302é-2024-37d3845146c2é-2024-f63b09c52810é-2024-76ccc98e1920é-2024-cb05e9e36c86é-2024-ef95aef261a8é-2024-a1c7c339d3d0é-2024-63e718640338

Beyond graphical improvements, the new engine enables a higher level of execution for various aspects of the game. Developers highlighted the enhanced ability to implement ideas, ranging from the user interface to abilities and functions, including the introduction of a new "use" button within the game. Smite 2 introduces a novel deity, Hekate, a Greek goddess and sorcerer possessing magical abilities and the capability to create interdimensional portals for improved map mobility. As a healer, Hekate marks the first addition of a new God to the game.