Staying true to the interactive narrative style of the base game, Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC introduces a plethora of side quests and gigs, each laden with consequential decisions that significantly shape the storyline and rewards. One such quest, "No Easy Way Out," unfolds in the enclave of Dogtown, a controlled territory within Night City governed by the warlord Kurt Hansen. As part of the Phantom Liberty DLC, this quest weaves a new espionage-focused narrative into the overarching storyline of Cyberpunk 2077, offering fresh side activities and introducing new NPCs in the expanded Dogtown area.émon-unite-soldi-e-gemme-infinite-2024-3e039d01d5aa

Following the intense opening sequence involving the rescue of NUSA President Rosalind Myers, players gain the freedom to explore Dogtown at their leisure, delving into the DLC's side quests and gigs before progressing further into the main storyline. "No Easy Way Out" is initiated by Coach Fred, familiar as V's boxing agent, who seeks V's assistance on behalf of his friend Aaron, a boxer facing a predicament. Upon arriving at the Dogtown boxing ring, where Aaron is engaged in a match that players can choose to bet on, V can later converse with Aaron to officially kickstart the quest. In "No Easy Way Out," Aaron requests V's escort to a ripperdoc named Damir, situated within a Scavenger base. The choice to accept Angie's proposal in this mission becomes a pivotal decision that unfolds the subsequent events and outcomes in the quest.