The landscape of gaming-on-the-go has expanded with devices like the PlayStation Portal, Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, and the Backbone One—a portable attachment for smartphones that facilitates seamless mobile gaming or game streaming from other devices and services like Game Pass. In collaboration with Kojima Productions, Backbone has introduced a special edition Death Stranding controller, adding a unique touch to the mobile gaming experience.

While the new Backbone One retains the familiar form and size of its regular designs, it features translucent yellow fronts on the handles, giving it a distinctive appearance. Notably, the combination of gold and translucency has been humorously likened to the controller being filled with an unconventional substance. However, the back of the controller, visible to others during use, sports a pastel orange hue, matching one of the buttons on the front. The rest of the controller is predominantly black, adorned with a Death Stranding logo on the back's center. Connecting to mobile devices via USB-C, the new Death Stranding model is compatible with phones featuring this connectivity.

Included with the special edition controller is a free copy of Death Stranding, which adds to the allure. While an iOS port of Death Stranding's Director's Cut is set to launch soon, only the latest iPhone models will support it. However, even if your device lacks compatibility, you can still play Death Stranding on the Death Stranding Backbone by streaming it from another device. Notably, Death Stranding is not currently available on Game Pass, so purchasing a copy is necessary if you don't already own it.

The Backbone offers extensive compatibility, enabling you to play a wide array of games on the go, with the exception of Switch games. However, the Switch's handheld mode addresses this limitation. Nintendo has also unveiled its pastel pink Joy-Con, set to launch alongside Princess Peach Showtime on March 22, with pre-orders already underway.