In the ongoing debates within the gaming community—PlayStation versus Xbox, graphics versus gameplay—one perennial argument centers around the choice between keyboard and mouse or a controller, particularly for PC players. HORI aims to provide a solution with its Tactical Assault Commander, combining the precision of a keyboard and mouse with the familiarity of a controller. Now, a model specially crafted for Final Fantasy 14 enthusiasts is available for pre-order.

Officially licensed by Square Enix, the sleek black edition of the Tactical Assault Commander proudly features the game's logo emblazoned across the middle. For those unfamiliar with this hybrid gadget, the combination of a keyboard and controller may seem perplexing at first glance. However, the design is surprisingly intuitive, offering a potential solution for games that benefit from both analog stick and key inputs, such as Final Fantasy 14.émon-day-2024-anticipated-game-reveals/émon-scarlet-violets-indigo-disk-dlc/émon-scarlet-violet-indigo-disk-dlc-locating-and-capturing-latias/émon-scarlet-violets-indigo-disk-dlc/émon-scarlet-violets-indigo-disk-dlc/’s-gate-3-how-to-find-and-utilize-them.2354/–-the-reward-for-collecting-every-bubbul-gem.2355/’s-gate-3-a-comprehensive-guide.2356/’s-gate-3-a-guide.2358/émon-scarlet-violet-indigo-disk-dlc.2360/émon-tcg-temporal-forces-elite-trainer-boxes.2364/

The images on the Tactical Assault Commander's store page illustrate its optimal usage. Users can rest their hand on the pad, aligning their thumb with the stick and allowing their fingers to access the 22 keys, including a Final Fantasy 14 logo on the 14 key—a thoughtful touch. All keys can be assigned in-game functions, and the peripheral supports up to eight profiles, allowing users to map different commands for various builds or share the setup with others.

While the Tactical Assault Commander may seem tailored for PC gaming, Square Enix emphasizes its seamless compatibility with both PS4 and PS5. Despite the companion app being PC-focused, any configurations created and saved there can be applied when playing Final Fantasy 14 on PlayStation. Available for pre-order on the Square Enix store, the keyboard and mouse controller combo is priced at $139.99, with a scheduled release in mid-April.