This mod brings inclusivity to a new level by offering multiple options for both female and male Dragonborn characters in Baldur's Gate 3. Notably, it provides choices for male Dragonborn characters to either be completely flaccid or equipped with constant rod-ons, highlighting the emphasis on player choice.

While it may initially seem like a whimsical creation cooked up in someone's spare time, it has garnered surprising enthusiasm from a notable number of Baldur's Gate 3 players. Astonishingly, there has been a considerable demand for this mod, with some individuals expressing excitement over the prospect of having Dragonborn characters that are deemed "lore accurate" and anatomically correct.

To shed light on the rationale behind such choices, National Geographic (exercise caution if viewing in public) explains that many species of male lizards and snakes possess two sets of reproductive organs called hemipenes. The existence of two hemipenes is attributed to their utility in intense mating competition, especially in certain snake species, where large groups of males form competitive clusters while vying for a single female. While this might not have been a topic anticipated for discussion today, it certainly provides a unique learning experience for all.