Cyberpunk 2077 continues to hold the title for an open-world game with the most concealed references and secret Easter eggs, with new discoveries emerging regularly. Among the game's intriguing hidden messages is one that has remained in plain sight since its launch.

As shared by IGN, a Reddit user named CommericalLeg2439 recounts their discovery while gazing at the Grand Imperial Mall's sign one night. The sign features selectively illuminated letters, prompting the user to explore the possibility of a Latin translation. They meticulously arranged the highlighted letters, revealing the phrase "GRA D IMPERI L MALI," or "grad imperi mali" without the 'L'. When translated, the phrase roughly interprets to "degree of evil government" in English. Latin's contextual nuances allow for various interpretations, but in this case, it leans towards conveying the idea of a problematic government.

For those familiar with Cyberpunk 2077 or the dystopian genre as a whole, the thematic resonance of "government bad" aligns with the game's narrative centered around corruption and its impact on the populace. Interestingly, some fans in the comments even speculate that the inclusion of the "L" in the phrase may hold significance, as the letter represents the number 50 in Latin. This interpretation suggests a commentary on the entire American government, implying corruption and inadequacy across all 50 states.