In a nod to real-world developments from 2022, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth has undertaken a significant rebranding, transforming all Club Sega arcades in Kamurocho and Hawaii into GiGo arcades.

While Yakuza fans eagerly anticipate unfolding events in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, the series' trademark distractions in the form of side quests and minigames continue to captivate players. Among these diversions, classic Sega games found at Club Sega arcades have been a cherished feature. However, in a surprising turn, the latest installment alters this familiar setting by rebranding all Club Sega arcades to GiGo arcades.

This departure from the iconic Club Sega name marks a noteworthy change, given its deep association with the series and its status as a beloved in-game location. The transformation to GiGo arcades reflects a real-life shift initiated in 2022 when Sega Sammy Holdings, Sega's parent company, divested around 85 percent of Sega Entertainment's stock. Genda, a Tokyo-based amusement management company, acquired this stock, becoming the new owner of the arcades.'Emergency+Meeting'+with+Epic+Games+to+Address+Connectivity+Issues'Operations's+Dogma+2+Unveils+Significant+NPC+Upgrades%3A+Director+Hideki+Itsuno+Shares+Details's+PS5+File+Size+Unveiled%3A+Compact+Compared+to+PC+Version's+4K+Textures+Reveal+an+Amusing+Quirk's+Skillful+Acrylic+Painting+Showcases+Stunning+Jolteon+Art

Initially, Genda had intended to retain the Sega name for marketing continuity. However, in 2022, the company announced its decision to remove the Sega branding from all arcades and introduce the GiGo identity. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth now mirrors this real-world rebranding, portraying GiGo arcades across the game in alignment with the actual changes implemented.