Similar to its predecessors, and perhaps even more so, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is brimming with captivating and distinctive minigames, some of which cleverly satirize existing mechanics and titles. One standout minigame, named Sicko Snap, puts protagonist Ichiban Kasuga behind a camera, capturing images of local oddities—an experience reminiscent of the Pokémon Snap games.

Encountering this quirky minigame unfolds in Hawaii, where Ichiban hops onto a nearby trolley. There, he meets George Kuroki, seemingly photographing the city's scenic views. However, the plot takes a humorous twist, revealing that Kuroki is, in fact, a "photographer of the obscene," capturing pictures of well-built, scantily clad men. He discloses that Hawaii is grappling with an epidemic of mischief-makers clad in their skivvies, harassing locals. To aid law enforcement, Kuroki enlists Ichiban's help, leading to a peculiar minigame experience that might raise eyebrows if played in the company of others.

The objective of this minigame is to snap the best pictures of as many semi-naked men as possible. Following the parody theme inspired by its Pokémon Snap counterpart, these men will emerge from bushes, perch on rooftops, and attempt to stay inconspicuous. Players earn ratings based on how much of the subject is captured in the photo and the focal point of each picture, adding a touch of absurdity to this unique in-game activity.