Fortnite is poised to make a comeback on Apple devices in certain regions, specifically in Europe, "later this year." This development comes in response to new EU regulations designed to counter Apple's ability to enforce the use of its app store by developers. The announcement follows over three years of contention between Apple and Epic Games, initiated when the Fortnite developer was expelled from iOS for establishing independent systems to avoid paying Apple's share of in-game purchases.

While an exact return date for Fortnite on iOS is not specified, Epic Games expressed confidence by making the announcement on its official Twitter account. The new regulations, effective from March onward, will enable alternative app stores on iOS, potentially facilitating Fortnite's prompt reinstatement on Apple products.

The announcement reads, "Later this year Fortnite will return in Europe on iOS through the Epic Games Store. Shoutout DMA - an important new law in the EU making this possible. Apple, the world is watching."

DMA, or the Digital Markets Act, is pivotal in curbing the dominance of tech giants, preventing them from monopolizing their services. It challenges Apple's practice of compelling users and developers to exclusively use its app store. Consequently, once an app is excluded from the store, its users typically lose access. In the case of Fortnite, removal from the Apple app store meant iPhone and iPad users could no longer legitimately download and play the popular online shooter. Although Epic isn't slated to be reinstated on the app store, the DMA will enable the release of the Epic Games Store on Apple products, ultimately facilitating Fortnite's availability once more.