Rocket League has kicked off its Season 14, featuring an underwater theme that introduces fresh car bodies, an Arena variant, and more to the enduring game. While initial reactions to the latest update have been somewhat lukewarm, with fans expressing a desire for additional content, the Season 14 rollout brings notable additions.

Building on the collaborative efforts between Epic Games and Psyonix, Season 14 introduces two new car bodies, the Admiral and Mako, aligning with the hitboxes of Dominus and Breakout, respectively. These vehicles are set to eventually enable cross-game ownership between Rocket Racing and Rocket League, expanding the collaborative synergy between the two games.

A highlight of Season 14 is the AquaDome (Salty Shallows) Arena, an underwater map that deviates from the original version with a lighter, shark-free ambiance. Players engaging in matches within this new AquaDome iteration will be treated to a lo-fi house music playlist, featuring the season's theme, "Ghost" by Direct.

While the update focuses largely on cosmetics, participants in Rocket League's Competitive modes will finally receive their rewards from the previous season. These rewards include dynamic decals that synchronize with the in-game music the player is currently listening to. Alongside Season 14's launch, a soft reset has been applied to all Competitive playlists, with Competitive Snow Day making way for Competitive Dropshot. Additionally, Psyonix has unveiled the Tournament rewards for Season 14, themed around lasers and encompassing a goal explosion, laser beam boost, and laser trail.