In a dazzling display of ingenuity, a Palworld player took to social media to showcase an exceptionally potent Depresso they bred, detailing the steps taken to amplify its power and demonstrating the devastating impact the Pal had on various formidable bosses. Following the video post, fellow Palworld enthusiasts praised the Depresso breeder's accomplishments, while others provided additional context regarding the techniques utilized.

As a Dark-type Pal, Depresso stands as one of the initial encounters for new Palworld players. Typically found prowling in nocturnal realms, this blue-hued creature frequents low-level regions such as the grasslands near Zoe's tower. Despite its somber countenance, the Paldeck attests to Depresso's benevolent nature, often aiding stranded Pals by offering sustenance. Bolstering its utility, Depresso possesses the Partner Skill "Caffeine Inoculation," granting temporary boosts to movement speed, invaluable both in combat and base management. While its work skills may rank modestly, Depresso's nocturnal prowess renders it a dependable asset for early base maintenance in Palworld.

Although Depresso may not typically reign as the most formidable Dark-type Pal, one enterprising player defied convention by employing unconventional breeding methods to forge a supremely powerful specimen. Reddit user Infylos shared a captivating video montage of their Depresso on the r/Palworld subreddit. Dubbed "Strong Sad" in homage to the web series Homestar Runner, Infylos' Depresso boasted an impressive array of perks, including "Lord of the Underworld," "Legend," "Ferocious," and "Musclehead," with two traits exclusively attainable through breeding Alpha Pals.

While Depresso's initial stats fell within standard parameters, the OP exploited a glitch involving Pals like Hoocrates, which bolstered the party's attributes. By repeatedly deploying Pals while mounted on another with elemental affinity, the buffs conferred by Hoocrates continued to accumulate, culminating in Depresso's attack stat soaring to a staggering 196,685. Demonstrating the fruits of their labor, the OP showcased their Depresso effortlessly dispatching even the most formidable adversaries in the game with a single strike. Notably, this glitch persisted in Palworld version on PC, albeit with some resolved issues. However, the OP clarified in the comments that the temporary buff would reset to standard parameters upon logging out of Palworld.