Two teams Tebow's played in the past, the Raiders and the Texans? These aren't exactly fantastic teams, and neither did they have much to gain. And still, they managed to limit Tebow to only 24 completions with 45 attempts during the two games.

Tebow's been able run in the face of Madden NFL 23 defenses, also -- his speed has been a source of concern during his time at Florida in the past, racking up at least 105 yards with just 18 runs. However, Tebow is more or less freshafter only playing some minutes in the past two seasons. And it's a more tame thought that he's soaring through the air past opponents when you consider that he's been subjected to almost four months less wear and tear.

This is why I'm a Florida fan and a long-time Tebow fan I'd like be able to see him excel with his performance at Madden NFL 23 level both because I've become accustomed to supporting him and also because Tebow has always impressed me as an insatiable student of football who makes up for the lapses in talent and polish with force of will. However, I don't believe he's been able to show the world much yet and I don't believe his actions at the close of a season that was lost against teams nobody would believe to be Super Bowl contenders should be seen as proof of the future of his performance.

In the end, Tebow's reopened the debate about whether he's capable of being effective as a Madden NFL 23 player. But we should remember that this could be the best that he's ever done.

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