Below are all the health benefits provided by the, per the official website and as reviewed in the Globe Newswire:Because this formula makes it possible for the body to burn fat for fuel, weight loss is achieved at a much quicker fat-burning rate; BHB plays the leading role.The manufacturers say OMy Keto UK shows significant results within the first four weeks of use, as it can help a person lose up to 20 pounds during this time. What’s also great about it is that it continues to work, won’t cause an addiction, and helps with weight control once the user has reached their initial weight loss goal.It’s been a few years since the ketogenic has gone mainstream, and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay! With more studies being released frequently showing that following a keto diet could help with chronic illnesses, weight loss, and even athletic performance ― not to mention the potential benefits of this mode of eating ― there is greater interest in what exactly ketosis is. In its most basic form, ketosis is a state when your body has broken down fat in order to produce an alternative fuel source. This fuel source helps your brain run smoothly and efficiently without needing carbs or sugar.According to the official website, the diet pill using the same approach to help anyone lose weight with zero effort, dieting, or exercising required. Just take two capsules of day, then continue taking two capsules until you reach your target weight. Obviously, the caveat here is there are no free lunches. Anyone who uses a quality ketone-rich weight loss diet pill will only amplify results with nominal exercise and optimal eating habits.