To fix something like that, you can try removing a player from your Squad and replacing them with another player. Rebuilding your lineup into a new model that meets an SBC objective should allow you to submit it, although you might have to try this a few times before it works.

If chemistry alignment isn’t the issue, then you should probably restart your app. Especially in the early days of FIFA 23 being live, it has been pretty buggy, especially on mobile. But even once the initial kinks are worked out restarting your program is a good way to make sure it isn’t a basic problem.

Outside of that, you can wait a bit before trying to submit and confirm your SBC Squad. If none of this works, it might be a bug or wider issue on EA’s side, which means you will just have to wait for the problem—and any others—to be resolved.

Serie A’s FIFA 23 player ratings are scary low - Dot Esports

The numbers indicate that Serie A is trailing behind the other four big leagues English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, and French Ligue 1. Each one of these leagues has at least one player rated in the s. Besides the Bundesliga, each has more than one such player. Serie A has none. Not even close. The highest-rated player in the league is a goalkeeper: Mike Magnan. He is rated at just 87 . On a better note, there are nine players with an overall rating of 86, so Serie A can at least claim that it2019s balanced. Balanced is not what we would call the team distribution of the top 10 Serie A players in FIFA 23.

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