Barnett took on the SEC during his three seasons in the conference. He racked up 52 tackles-for-loss, just one shy of Leonard Little's school mark, and 33 sacks, surpassing the legendary Reggie White's Volunteer record, by just one. His power and speed on the edges made Barnett the enemy of every offensive lineman he played against.

What sort of talent does Barnett provide with him to the Eagles? His ability to eliminate pockets and blockades won't just boost his own numbers It also results in easy TFLs and TFLs for teammates. Even without Barnett's 19-point team-high, Tennessee still recorded the most tackles in 2016.

His speed and power on the edge are what made him an Volunteer record-setting player and one of the top prospects to rise in speed prior to the draft in 2017. Barnett is a rogue off on the edge with the type of first step that causes offensive tackles to get nervousness.

The majority of his great games begin with Barnett leaning towards and driving past his blocker and crashing the pocket off the quarterback's blind side and causing chaos at the line of the line of scrimmage.

Barnett is also fast enough laterally to bring down ball carriers who are in the space, often using his ability to identify screen plays and break up blockers. His athleticism, which is 6'3 and 259 pounds allows him to be versatile as he is able to be able to cover the field when the need arises. He was a 4-3 defensive end in the college years and with a little polish, it is possible to become an outside linebacker in a 3-4 configuration. I know you absolutely love our Mut 23 coins and want to play more? you can visit