The actual Harry Houdini — a Hungarian illusionist who captivated the world with his seemingly impossible stunts — died in 1926, so he can’t stand up unless he’s finally found a way to permanently cheat death. But either way, the escape artist’s legacy can’t be … well, escaped. Decades after Houdini took his last breath, musicians have continued to use his name in song titles when they want to express something about the ability to disappear or break out of a seemingly impossible situation. On May 31, Eminem dropped “Houdini,” the lead single off of his upcoming album The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce) — around six months after Dua Lipa dropped her own “Houdini.” And they’re not the only artists who have paid homage to Harry Houdini with their music. Whose “Houdini” are you in the mood-ini for today? Peruse the very different options below.