Fans are eagerly discussing Diablo 4's upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion, which seemingly avoids the early access advantage present in the base game. Despite launching with several editions, Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred will ensure all players start on equal ground when it releases this fall.

Blizzard revitalized its decades-old action RPG franchise with the release of Diablo 4 in 2023. The game elevated the series with enhanced visual and audio fidelity and a wealth of content available through the main campaign and various world events. Like previous Diablo titles, Diablo 4 allows players to choose from several distinct classes and explore a massive open world while hunting the game's main antagonist, Lilith. The game's addictive gameplay and satisfying combat have persisted, bolstered by various upgrades and seasonal content cycles, making Diablo 4 one of the most talked-about and popular titles on the market. The new expansion aims to amplify this success even further.

Fans have been eagerly anticipating Diablo 4: Vessel of Hatred, especially since it avoids granting early access to any players. Reddit user Bruce666123 shared a photo of the different versions of the upcoming expansion, noting that no early access was advertised as a bonus for any special editions. This post resonated with the community, garnering over a thousand upvotes and more than 600 comments, highlighting early access as a contentious issue among players. When Diablo 4 was released last summer, select players received early access depending on the version of the game they purchased.