Non-drug treatment for stress?

It has been established that most physical diseases are the consequences of chronic stress, so you need to learn how to manage stress: isolate yourself from the stressor or change your attitude towards it; try to get more positive emotions. It is also important to communicate with nature, short walks, listening to music.

Non-drug ways to deal with any stress include dietary nutrition.

It involves the rejection of heavy food (in order to make it easier for the body to absorb it and not waste extra energy on digestion). So, for example, fried meat, legumes, lard, fatty confectionery and milk chocolate should be excluded from the diet. It is necessary to minimize the consumption of potatoes, bread, red meat.

Answering the question of how to relieve nervous stress with proper nutrition at home, psychotherapists recommend eating mostly raw food: fruits, vegetables. Also allowed are cereals (buckwheat and pearl barley, rich in vitamins and trace elements), dairy and sour-milk products, dark chocolate and boiled chicken meat. You yourself will not notice how you begin to feel better.

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