The Chargers could make a deal for Philip Rivers, but they'd probably make the mistake of a trade too. LaDainian Tomlinson thinks the Chargers should trade Philip Rivers. It is said that the Chargers are in rebuild mode and should consider trading Philip Rivers instead of ruin his entire career. Does that sound like a realistic option?

It is logical on the surface of things. The Chargers are, again the absolute worst team, losing three games in excruciating manner after blowing 4th-quarter leads. Rivers isn't the main cause of the problem. He's completing 68 percent passing attempts, 7.8 yards per effort with 1.110 yards. He's also scored seven touchdowns and one interception.

The Chargers signed Rivers to a four-year renewal worth $83 million last year, however its structure deal does not make it a prohibitive option for trading him. The cap hit isn't as high as $22 million until the end of the year, so it's easy for a team to wiggle out of after 2018.

However, the Chargers really require every bit of support they can get ... which they're not getting enough of after having suffered so much loss and the Bosa holdout and that entire threatening fans to leave the team by relocation thing. If they could sack Mike McCoy and make the proper moves in the offseasonperiod, they could be back on track sooner than you imagine.

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