The feature that I was intrigued about trying out

Kudos thanks to EA for giving us a new shooting command, especially one that incorporates the ability to aim manually. Also, you can disable the irritating zoom-in, which is activated when the power shot is triggered. Overall, this is an awesome alternative to shooting.

Set pieces have been outdated in FIFA in the past. Although free kicks are far too few for my taste If you do manage to get one, they're far more exciting. Additionally penalties have been streamlined to make it easier. Furthermore, corners haven't only copied the same mechanics as set pieces, they also have a more appealing camera view.

Set pieces have not only improved from a mechanics standpoint as well, but their visuals have improved visually. With strong players and players who are skilled in the air becoming relevant again, it's good to witness EA make improvements in this part in the sport.

The feature that I was intrigued about trying out in person was the brand new Physics system. The new physics system HyperMotion 2 being touted as an attempt to incorporate more realistic games with physics, I wanted to know what the changes did to have an actual impact. There's an interesting mix on this subject. On the other side, you'll notice the brand new ball's physics when you switch play. The ball spins , turns and turns in a realistic way as you follow the ball of the flight.

However however, the aspects EA pointed out in its pre-release announcements, like collision physics and deflections, look and feel similar to last year. Although the weight of players has increased, which is a good thing but players are still crashing into each other , resulting in unrealistic collisions, particularly when you consider the tendency to keep that finger glued to the sprint button. If you want to enjoy cheaper and more comprehensive FIFA 23 Coins purchase service, please visit

It's great to hear that the new shooting command has incorporated the ability to aim manually and that you can disable the zoom-in feature. The improvements in set pieces, especially free kicks and corners, have made the game more exciting and visually appealing. The new Physics system, HyperMotion 2, also seems to have made an impact on the realism of the game, with improvements in ball physics. However i am working with dissertation writers and not have much information about this, it is disappointing to hear that collision physics and deflections still feel similar to last year, resulting in unrealistic collisions. Overall, it sounds like FIFA 23 has made some great improvements, and I'm excited to try out the new features. Thank you for sharing your insights.

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