The employees of the Hong Kong government’s Customs and Excise Department receive the cinematic homage they have probably never realised they deserved in Customs Frontline, a ludicrously conceived and literally all-guns-blazing action thriller that at times plays like a war movie.

Herman Yau Lai-to may have gradually supplanted Dante Lam Chiu-yin and the late Benny Chan Muk-sing as Hong Kong action cinema’s most productive filmmaker in the years since he tried his hand at big-budget crime thrillers with 2017’s Shock Wave, but it is also fair to say that his recent efforts have not been great.

Watching Customs Frontline, suspension of disbelief is essential as we follow Nicholas Tse Ting-fung’s heroic and utterly fearless customs officer while he wages a one-man war against an international firearms trafficking syndicate that is foolish enough to pick Hong Kong as a transit point.