Palworld's recently unveiled early access roadmap has confirmed the addition of PvP, sparking concern among players due to a discovered item in the game files. The item, known as a Radar Sphere, boasts a "low chance of success" at capturing another player's Pal. This revelation has stirred apprehension within the game's subreddit, with players expressing their disapproval of potential PvP battles turning into a cycle of Pal theft.

The community is urging developer Pocketpair to reconsider this feature's inclusion, not only because it could result in losing cherished Pals to rival players but also because of the perceived imbalance—allowing players to exploit the system by spamming the sphere and removing Pals from the equation without capturing them.

Currently, the Radar Sphere is not obtainable through regular gameplay, but dataminers have uncovered it in the game files and managed to integrate it, indicating its likely introduction in PvP. The speculated cost of the Radar Sphere is 5,500 gold, with no associated crafting materials as of now, suggesting it may be a purchasable item or remains unfinished.émon-scarlet-and-violet-s-teal-mask-dlcémon-scarlet-violet-s-indigo-disk-dlc-a-guideémon-scarlet-violet-epilogue-mochi-mayhem-guideémon-scarlet-violet-s-indigo-disk-dlcémon-scarlet-violet-epilogue

Amid calls for the item's removal from the game files, some players propose alternative balancing measures. One suggestion involves flagging users of the Radar Sphere as "Pal Stealers," enabling others to freely capture their Pals using normal spheres for a predetermined duration—a mechanism akin to how MMORPGs penalize "Player Killers" with steep consequences upon death, as proposed by user Psychological_Bad895.